HIIT and Nutrition: What to Eat Before and After a Workout

High-intensity interval training

What is the best thing to eat after a HIIT workout?

What you eat after your HIIT workout matters too! As a rule, I recommend a plate balanced in healthy fats like avocado or olive oil, carbohydrates whether whole grains, fruits, or veggies, and lean protein like chicken, eggs, or beans.

HIIT and Nutrition: What to Eat Before and After a Workout

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become an incredibly popular form of exercise. HIIT workouts are characterized by short bursts of intense activity followed by rest periods of varying duration. HIIT is known to boost calorie burning, improve aerobic fitness, and build strength and power. However, achieving these results requires that HIIT is paired with a nutrition plan tailored to the workout.

When it comes to HIIT, pre- and post-workout nutrition is key to maximizing results. Proper nutrition before and after a HIIT workout helps prevent fatigue, increases endurance, and supports overall muscle health and growth.

Before your HIIT workout, opt for a meal or snack made up of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Whole grains, legumes, eggs, and lean meats are all great sources of energy-boosting macronutrients. These nutrient-dense foods will provide you with the energy to power through your workout. Additionally, adding healthy fats from sources such as nuts or avocados can help reduce inflammation and recovery time.

Eat your pre-HIIT snack 1-2 hours before your workout. This will ensure that you have enough time for your food to be digested and that your energy will last through your HIIT workout. If 1-2 hours is too much time before your workout, opt for something lighter like a nut butter, banana, or oatmeal muffin.

Post-workout nutrition is just as important as pre-workout nutrition. Rehydrating, refueling, and repairing the muscles after a HIIT session can all contribute to improved performance and recovery. After your HIIT workout, prioritize lean proteins and carbohydrates to ensure that your body is getting the nutrition it needs. Examples of post-HIIT snacks include yogurt and granola, smoothies with protein powder, and even a peanut butter sandwich. For an extra recovery boost, try adding nut butter, oats, chia or hemp seeds, or fresh fruits. These nutrient-dense snacks will help you repair and replenish the muscles you worked during your HIIT session and kick start your recovery.

When it comes to HIIT and nutrition, pre- and post-workout nutrition is essential to maximizing your results. Complex carbohydrates and proteins are essential pre-HIIT while lean proteins and carbohydrates will help you refuel after your HIIT workout. Eating the right combination of macronutrients before and after your HIIT exercise will help you reach your goals and perform at your best.

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